Dermatology Procedures


Dermatology Procedures


dermatology proceduresWhile most dermatology procedures are brief, they may result in lingering stinging or may be required multiple times.  For patients with
needlephobia, this can ramp up anxiety on subsequent visits.  Whether you always use topical anaesthetics or routinely talk patients through it, Buzzy can help!

For injecting for hyperhydrosis or freezing a finger wart, place Buzzy on the MP joint where a digital block would go.  Activate the vibration and put a frozen pack under Buzzy’s elastic strap.  For maximum pain relief on older patients you may want to wait up to 1 minute, but for a younger child 15 seconds may be sufficient due to their thinner stratum corneum and greater sensitivity to cold.  For a plantar location, place Buzzy with the ice pack directly on the area to desensitize 30 – 60 seconds, then move proximally as close to the injection site as possible.


Buzzy under tourniquetFor a biopsy, curettage pain or cryofreezing on the dorsum of the hand, place Buzzy proximally.  This image shows the mechanism of securing Buzzy for an IV stick in the dorsum of the hand, but the principle is the same:

The use of vibration and cold for facial injection have been recently published since their presentation at the AAD 2011 conference.  While vibration with a convex or round “personal massager” has been described, Buzzy’s concave curve maximizes skin contact and delivery of vibration while securing skin from movement. The easy ability to add a thin ice pack between Buzzy and the skin for increased pain relief is a plus.  Patients can control Buzzy for nasolabial fold injections, or you can slide Buzzy along proximally as you progress.  Buzzy also has disposable ice packs.  Buzzy is also used for painful and burning sensations, including unbuffered lidocaine, biological injections for psoriasis, and infusion pain.  Allow patients to rub Buzzy on the site after an injection, or place Buzzy on the infusion site during unpleasant sensations.

Pain is transmitted along aDelta pain fibers, the same ones that can be blocked by ABeta vibration or C-fiber stimulation with cold.  This Gate Control pain blockade can also help patients at home.  Buzzy has been demonstrated in randomized controlled trials to decrease IV pain by half without distraction, and by 90% with distraction using the DistrACTION cards.



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I have been using your Buzzy device for a few weeks now. My patients have been happy with it and 8 or 9/10 now regularly request the Buzzy when I do fillers, Botox, and other injections. Buzzy has exceeded my expectations, and I will be demonstrating it at the State-of-the-Art in Facial Aesthetics Conference.


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Buzzy was shown to have the best comfort rating during the 15 minute wait

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I now use it routinely for wart treatments. Virtually painless

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