Buzzy In Healthcare


Buzzy In Healthcare Settings


FASTEST pain relief – works on contact, no waiting for topical anaesthetics to work
MOST ECONOMICAL pain relief – Buzzy is a once off purchase, no disposables or usage limits
MOST MEMORABLE pain relief – Mentioned on Press-Gaineys by name! Phlebotomy studies show 97% said procedure better than previous. 
FDA tested and cleared to control pain from injections, IVs, phlebotomy, and cosmetic injections, as well as relief of musculoskeletal pain.
81% of phlebotomists said Buzzy made procedure easier. 3x first stick success in pediatric patients (see below).

Buzzy is an award-winning combination of cold and high frequency vibration. Using the physiology of Gate Control and Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control, vibration with or without ice can reduce pain on contact in the same way that cold running water eliminates burn pain, or we rub bumped elbows.

Publications can be found HERE: Buzzy is reusable, takes standard AAA batteries, and can be attached with a standard tourniquet. Healthcare units come with ice packs which can be cleaned and reused. The Buzzy can also withstand cleaners used for sterilising.

Buzzy with ice and vibration has been studied for phlebotomy in numerous studies. The most recent by Canabulet et al in 176 children showed significantly lower pain and anxiety in children using Buzzy. The original Pediatric Phlebotomy study with a Buzzy prototype showed the same:



Conceptually, high frequency vibration has been studied as early as 1984 for healing of injuriesskin, and reducing injection pain relief for Botox and fillers.

Buzzy vibration alone without ice packs was studied by Whelan et al (Clin Pediatrics DOI:10.1177/0009922814538494) with 29 patients prior to initiation of Buzzy and 35 after implementing Buzzy. While no significant pain reduction was found with the device, 81% of patients said they would use Buzzy again, and 80% of phlebotomists said Buzzy made the procedure easier. Despite the acceptance of patients, this study seems to indicate that ice and vibration are additive pain reducers.


Russell K et all J Pediatrics and Child Health 2013 doi:10:1111/jpc.12400

Ice has been studied for vaccination pain relief, injection of botox and fillers, and is used on injuries to decrease inflammation.