Buzzy For Children


Pain is important to warn our body of danger. While needles are important tools to keep us healthy, they shouldn’t have to hurt! The rise of needle fear in children born after 2000 is ever increasing, and a new diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, or arthritis can be overwhelming.

Buzzy provides natural pain relief by combining two neutral sensations – cold ice wings and a massager’s vibration – to naturally desensitize pain nerves. While it may be a simple device, using Buzzy properly can make the difference between “Oh, this is just a distraction,” to “Best. Decision. Ever.” blocking pain from shots. As a mother of boys with Juvenile Arthritis posted on her excellent blog, it’s important to follow the directions.

“Our first few uses of the buzzy were a bit disappointing. Son #1 thought it helped, but not as much as he had hoped. Son #2 was just impatient. Our results were less than stellar because we fell into a familiar trap. We pulled it out of the package, turned it on, and used it.
We didn’t read (or follow) the directions. Doh!
Because we didn’t follow the instructions, we didn’t have the very best results. When we did…. wow. The difference was night and day. Understanding the science and “why” behind the way Buzzy worked, made using it much, much more effective. (click here if you would like to see a summary of the clinical research).
…Cold and vibration numb the area (be sure to leave Buzzy on for the recommended [30 – 60 seconds] length of time!) then by moving the Buzzy up (secured with the strap- which our first few times was mistake #2- just taking it off rather than moving it above the injection site) between the source of the pain and the nerve pathway to the brain, takes advantage of something known as the “Gate Control Theory of Pain.” By confusing the nerves, distracting from the pain and interrupting the neural pain pathways, Buzzy can dull, reduce and even eliminate the sharp pain from shots and/or the sting from many medications.” – Kim Miller, Living With Juvenile Arthritis

For Kids Who Get More Than Your Share of Needle Sticks?

4_kids_jpg_0Sometimes kids have illnesses that make them need a lot of needle pokes. While THIS IS NOT FAIR, these kids grow a special skill for coping, gain inner strength, and have a secret club of other kids around the world with the same situation. When kids meet other kids who have a lot of medical procedures, they find they have a shared code, and understand each other like no one outside can.

 What Helps?

Learn mental techniques to deal with pokes, or bring a Buzzy® to take the sting out of shots. Other pain management ideas can be found in the research section above.

Sharing what helps YOU or your child can make you and other kids feel better. Everyone has times when they’re mad and NEVER want another needle stick because it’s just not fair, and times when the whole world feels gray and boring and sad. Just wait! These times always pass. Pretty soon kids will have times when they realize they’re tougher than most kids, and times when the family feels strong enough to help someone else.