Buzzy For Adults

No One Likes Pain


From aches to arthritis to injuries, pain seems to accumulate as we age.  The good news is, the older you are, the better Buzzy’s physiology works. Buzzy gives pain relief where you hurt with high frequency vibration and cold, massaging aches and desensitizing pain nerves. Proven effective for needle pain, Buzzy puts pain relief in your hands.

Using cold for pain is as old as ice; why does it work so well? Cold triggers descending inhibitory control (the ice pack dampens unpleasant signals, including pain) and anti-inflammation. Adults have better-developed inhibitory control, and can usually tolerate ice better because their skin is thicker than young children. Buzzy takes advantage of this physiologic expertise, so adults who are just tired of aching can use Buzzy even if needles don’t bother them.

While many people try a Buzzy for a muscle ache, injury, or just because they don’t like the burning feeling of medication, needle phobia is a growing public health concern.  23% of adults fear needles enough to take serious risks with their health and not go to the doctor.  75% of people do not donate blood due to their dislike of needles, which affects our emergency safety system.  Depending on the types and severity of the needle phobia, health risks may vary.  Directly, 3-5% of people experience a sudden drop in blood pressure when exposed to sharp pain, or even faint. While this is largely an inherited genetic trait, the resultant needle phobia even from milder anxiety prevents patients from making good medical decisions.